Retrotrope is changing aging as we know it, so that people do not have to suffer the
ravages of many degenerative diseases. Retrotope is a pharmaceutical company
startup that is leading the advance of a revolutionary new unified theory of cellular
degeneration that can result in dramatically new approaches to therapy. This theory is
based on three groundbreaking discoveries:

  1. Many disparate degenerative diseases share a common weakness.

  2. That weakness is one type of chemical bond that makes membrane fats susceptible to oxidation damage and loss of function.

  3. By strengthening that bond, we are able to prevent and even reverse disease damage.

Based on this observation, Retrotope is creating a new category of drugs composed of
proprietary, compounds that treat degenerative diseases and improve life as we age.
Its first drug, now in clinical evaluation, is being evaluated in two rare neurodegenerative diseases, Friederich’s ataxia and Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy, as a rapid proof of human concept, and to support use of the drug category in other indications.

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