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Adding neutrons to neurons: heavy handling of neurodegeneration

  • Monash University 16 Rainforest Walk Clayton, VIC, 3168 Australia (map)

Non-enzymatic lipid peroxidalion <LPO> is an ineluctable consequence of living with oxygen. This pernicious process damages membranes and generates a smorgasbord of toxic products while anti-oxidant defenses cannot cope. due to the chain reaction nature of LPO. A possible way to resolve the problem is to make PUFAs impervious to LPO. white not changing them chemically (well. almost). by deuterating bis-allylic positions to slow down the LPO chain through inhibition of the rate limiting initiation step LPO is a feature of numerous neuro-. mito- and retinal disorders as well as aging and by using the “reinforced" PUFA drugs benefits can be seen across a range of diseases, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Huntington's, Friedreich’s ataxia, atherosclerosis etc. as the ongoing clinical trials indicate.

Presented by Misha Shchepinov, CSO and Founder of Retrotope, Inc. (USA)